fire   We manufacture...

Induction equipment for Melting, Heating, and Hardening applications ranging from general purpose machines to fully automated customized systems.

Melting Furnaces from 10kW-18,000kW & 5kg-30Ton.

Heating/Hardening equipment from 10kW-18,000kW & 250Hz-200kHz.

We have...
  • More than 23 years of experience in the development of induction equipment.
  • Continuous research and development process persistently upgrading technology.
  • Admirable quality norms and testing standards.
Company News
2018 :

Achieved yet another breakthrough by increasing the Product Capacity to 6000kW/15Ton Melting Furnace

2017 :

Broke records by achieving the lowest ever power consumption at less than 470 Units/MT through our 2500kW/3T Furnace installation for DI/CI melting

2016 :

Exhibited capabilities of installing five furnaces above 3500kW with improved energy efficiency & productivity by more than 10%

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Our Machines are equipped with
  • Most advance and efficient IGBT technology.
  • Un-derived and Indigenously developed extremely stable electronic controlling circuits.
  • Customized software driven, PLC controlled and Color Touch screen operating station for flexibility in operation.
  • Compact panel and machine design to maximize working area.
  • Advanced communication and Data logging systems.
  • In built Demand controller to keep operating power at maximum level without crossing demand.
  • Robust design features to safely operate at fluctuating power supply.
  • Add-on systems for operation as dual track and tri-track equipment.
  • Programmable single or multi-stage Heating cycles.
Our equipment has
  • Constant power factor above 0.985 for 6-p, 0.992 for 12-p and 0.996 for 24-p converter, at any load condition.
  • Constant Output Power irrespective of variation in input supply.
  • Wide combination of settable power and frequency to suit most industrial requirements.
  • Components procured from reputed and prominent manufacturers only.
  • Exceptional figures of power consumption and Production Rates per hour.
  • Secured multi-level password protection.
  • Safe and Isolated design with all critical components continuously monitored and controlled accordingly to their safety requirements.
  • Data interface and communication with computers.