We at ORITECH commenced our operations on the year 2005. We started with the production of induction heating and hardening equipment using the IGBT technology in power electronics, which is more advanced and sophisticated when compared to commonly-used Thyristor based Induction Equipment in India.

About Oritech

In 2008, we extended our product line with the commencement of Induction Furnace manufacturing. Till date, we have successfully installed more than 14 Induction Furnaces for Steel Plants and Foundries with a capacity of upto 4500 kW / 12Ton.

We have successfully delivered 100+ heating equipment solutions all over India. These equipment range from 10 kW to 1000 kW and 0.5 kHz to 200 kHz, covering a wide range of applications in Case Hardening, Surface Hardening, Heating, Annealing and Stress relieving.

With IGBT Technology, we have successfully increased the efficiency and cut down electrical losses of our furnaces. They have given out exceptional figures for unit consumption per KG and melting rates per hour. The in-built demand management circuitry enables the equipment to run most optimally, without crossing demand.

About Oritech

ORITECH does not compromise on quality. We procure components from the most renowned manufacturers of the world to ensure quality. Our team consists of qualified engineers, highly experienced in induction research and development. This experience has helped us catering to Heat Treatment and Melting needs, ranging from general purpose machines to fully automated Induction equipment, suiting the widest product line.