As a leading manufacturer of induction furnaces in India, we offer a range of highly advanced induction furnace solutions. Our designs incorporate a highly reliable and efficient IGBT-based inverter, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings. With our hybrid inverter design, we combine the advantages of both series and parallel inverters, resulting in enhanced efficiency and reliability for foundry induction furnaces. Our power circuits are short-circuit-proof, allowing them to operate ruggedly even at full load. Additionally, our induction furnaces maintain a power factor above 0.98 at any load, ensuring efficient power utilisation.

At Oritech, we understand the importance of effective power management in industrial settings. Therefore, our induction furnaces are equipped with a plant power demand management system that accurately tracks the total power consumption of the plant while efficiently managing the overall load factor. Our cutting-edge designs eliminate the need for water-cooled leads up to 350kW power, simplifying installation and maintenance processes for induction melting furnaces.

We prioritise energy efficiency and sustainability, which is why our induction furnaces feature an energy monitoring and data logging system. This allows users to monitor and optimise energy usage, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact. Moreover, our induction furnaces come with an automatic sintering cycle that can be programmed according to user requirements, providing convenience and flexibility in operation.

Oritech Induction Melting Furnaces USP

  • Highly reliable and efficient IGBT based inverter design
  • Hybrid inverter design, with advantages of both series and parallel inverters
  • Short circuit proof power circuit working ruggedly even at full load
  • Power factor above 0.98 at any load
  • Plant power demand management system tracking total power of plant; manages plants overall load factor
  • Water cooled leads not required up to 350kW power
  • Energy monitoring and data logging system
  • Automatic sintering cycle programmed as per user requirement

Our mid-size induction furnaces offer superior performance and efficiency. Utilising advanced technology, we deliver precise and controlled melting for various materials. Incorporating IGBT inverters into our mid-size furnaces enhances their energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings and reduced operating costs.


Mid-size Furnace USP

  • Aluminum casted side frames
  • Rugged bushing type hinge box instead of bearing type
  • Motorized as well as hand operated hydraulic unit
  • No water cooled cable up to 350kW furnaces
  • No additional or dedicated furnace transformer required up to 450kW furnaces
  • Automated production reports and data logging in .xls format

Our large-size induction furnaces are designed to deliver superior performance and reliability. Built with aluminium casted side frames or steel frame structures, our furnaces are constructed to withstand the demands of high-capacity operations. Our furnaces also feature rugged bushing type hinge boxes, providing stability and longevity, reducing maintenance and optimising their lifespan. With energy efficiency a top priority, our furnaces are engineered to save power, incorporating advanced technologies such as IGBT inverters, making them one of the most energy-efficient options available in the market.


Large-size Furnace USP

  • 600kW to 10,000kW / 750 kg to 25 Ton options
  • Aluminium casted side frames / steel frame structure
  • Rugged bushing type hinge box instead of bearing type

We offer advanced and reliable laboratory/testing furnaces built for precise and controlled heating in a variety of applications. Our compact and efficient single frame structure accommodates the panel and crucible assembly, ensuring ease of use and optimal space utilisation in laboratory environments. Our hand-operated geared tilting arrangement enables convenient and precise tilting of the crucible for controlled pouring and handling of molten metals. We provide a wide range of parameters to customise furnace settings based on specific alloy compositions and testing conditions.


Laboratory / Testing Furnace USP

15kW to 50kW / 10 kg to 35 kg

  • 15kW to 50kW / 10 kg to 35 kg options available
  • Single frame structure for panel and crucible assembly
  • Hand operated geared tilting arrangement
  • Wide range of parameters that can be set as per different metal alloys
  • Single or double crucible arrangement

Oritech Induction Melting Furnaces offer following reports for system maintenance and fault diagnosis:

  • Minute-wise system electrical parameter (Input voltage, power, capacitor voltage, coil frequency etc)- For previous 2 months period
  • Minute-wise report for water temperature (Panel DM water, cooling water In & out, coil water inlet, each path of coil water outlet)- For previous 2 months period
  • Heat report (Heat number, heat number after sintering, unit consumed by furnace)- For previous 2 years period
  • Daily report (Number of heats per day, unit consumed by furnace, min-max temperature of water paths)- For previous 10 years period
  • Alarm report (Generated when alarm occurred)- For last 2000 alarms


An Induction Melting Furnace, such as the energy-efficient induction furnaces offered by Oritech, operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It utilises high-frequency alternating current (AC) to generate an electromagnetic field, which induces electric currents within the metal charge. These currents create resistance, leading to the rapid and efficient heating of the material. Oritech offers the best induction furnace for melting steel and brass, ensuring exceptional performance and the most energy efficient induction furnace in the industry.

Oritech’s furnaces are tailored to meet the specific requirements of different melting processes. The steel induction furnaces are optimised for the melting of steel, while their induction furnaces for brass melting are designed to handle brass and other non-ferrous alloys. Each type of furnace is engineered to deliver outstanding energy efficiency, precise temperature control, and superior melting performance.

Oritech specialises in the manufacturing of high-quality and energy-saving induction furnaces that use IGBT Technology. With a focus on energy conservation and operational cost reduction, Oritech’s induction furnaces are designed to provide optimal performance and deliver significant energy savings.

Yes, Oritech understands the diverse needs of melting applications and offers customizable induction melting furnaces to accommodate various melting capacities and material requirements. Whether you require a small-scale furnace or a larger capacity solution, Oritech can tailor their furnaces to meet your specific needs. With our expertise in energy-saving induction furnace technology, we ensure that our customizable solutions maintain the highest energy efficiency standards, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Oritech prioritises safety in their induction melting furnaces to ensure operator well-being and equipment protection. Their furnaces are equipped with multiple safety features, including:

  • Overcurrent and overvoltage protection systems to safeguard against electrical surges and irregularities.
  • Cooling systems that efficiently dissipate heat, preventing overheating and ensuring safe operation.
  • Advanced monitoring and control systems that provide real-time data on temperature, pressure, and other critical parameters to prevent potential hazards.
  • Emergency stop mechanisms for immediate shutdown in case of any safety concerns.
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