Melting Furnaces


Process Melting
  • Highly reliable and efficient IGBT based inverter design.
  • Hybrid-Inverter design, having advantages of series and parallel inverter.
  • Short circuit proof Power Circuit.
  • Power factor above 0.985 for 6-p, 0.992 for 12-p and 0.996 for 24-p converter, at any load condition
  • Plant Power Demand Management System tracks total power of plant and manages plants overall load factor
  • Energy Monitoring and Data Logging System.
  • Following reports are available for system maintenance and fault diagnosis and can be stored to USB drive in csv file format, which can be opened in MS-Excel.
    • Minute-wise System Electrical Parameter (Like Input Voltage, Power, Capacitor Voltage, Coil Frequency & etc) - For 2 months period.
    • Minute-wise Report for Water Temperature (Like Panel DM Water, Cooling Water In & Out, Coil Water Inlet, each path of Coil Water Outlet) - For 2 months period.
    • Heat Report (consists of Heat Number, Heat Number after Sintering, unit consumed by Furnace) - For 2 years period.
    • Daily Report (Number of heats per day, unit consumed by Furnace, Min-Max temperature of water paths) - For 10 years period.
    • Alarm Report (Generated as and when alarm occurred) - Stores last 2000 alarms.
  • Process Melting
  • Automatic Sintering cycle can be programmed as per users requirement.
  • Water conductivity monitoring and alarm system.
  • Earth leakage current protection with adjustable current leakage level.
  • DSP based fully digitized control.
  • Equipment parameters are shown as actual values and not in % scale of full value for better user interface.
  • Touch Panel based Graphic User Interface, makes system operation and analysis easy and quick.
  • Language selection in GUI makes system user friendly.
  • Can easily be updated to higher technology according to future needs and developments.
  • Equipment is globally accessible through Ethernet connectivity

Furnace Mid-Size

Process Melting
75kW to 500kW / 35kg to 750kg
  • Aluminum casted side frames.
  • Rugged bushing type hinge box instead of bearing type.
  • Motorized as well as hand operated hydraulic unit.
  • No water cooled cable up to 350kW furnaces.
  • No additional or dedicated furnace transformer required up to 450kW furnaces.
  • Automated production reports and data logging in .xls format.

Furnace Large-Size

600kW to 10,000kW / 750kg to 25Ton
  • Aluminum casted side frames / steel frame structure.
  • Rugged bushing type hinge box instead of bearing type.
Process Melting

Laboratory / Testing Furnace

15kW to 50kW / 10kg to 35kg
    Process Melting Process Melting
  • Single frame structure for Panel and Crucible assembly.
  • Hand operated Geared Tilting arrangement.
  • Wide range of parameters that can be set as per different metal alloys.
  • Single or double crucible arrangement.